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Board of Education Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Increase the level of student achievement for all students throughout the district with a focus on closing the achievement gap.


1: Meet or exceed state and federal standards for all students every year
2: Create rigorous classrooms at all sites which support best instructional practices

Goal 2: Maintain fiscal accountability and require sound fiscal management practices


1: Maintain a budget process that allows for board participation in the development of the budget, ensures that priorities are aligned with                  funding, and leads to a balanced three year budget
2: Identify potential cost savings and options for revenue generation
3: Maintain and provide appropriate technology for students and employees.

Goal 3: Recruit and retain a highly qualified staff


1: Retain qualified staff
2: Develop and support an effective employee recruitment plan
3: Recognize employee accomplishments throughout the District.

Goal 4: Provide a positive and safe school climate


1: Maintain the district-wide focus on programs regarding appropriate behavior and character

Goal 5: Provide equitable learning and working environments


1: Maintain fiscal accountability for capital funds
2: Maximize capital funds to support facilities
3: Continue to improve the District’s facilities

Goal 6: Practice effective leadership


1: Maintain a sound and effective governance structure
2: Continue working with the Gilroy community on decisions that impact Gilroy Unified

Goal 7: Consistently communicate with employees and community


1: Create and maintain effective internal District communications
2: Effectively communicate District interests and employee successes to the community GUSD Board of Education Goals and Objectives