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Measure E


What is Measure E?

Measure E is a general obligation bond on the June 7, 2016 ballot, authorizing $170 million for school improvements for our District schools. The passage of Measure E will allow the District to be eligible to receive State-matching funds to repair, modernize and upgrade classrooms throughout the District and to build a new elementary school. 


Why is Measure E necessary?

The voters of Gilroy have approved school bond measures in the past, which have provided funds to address some, but not all, of the District’s existing facility needs. The current need, based on a recent comprehensive needs assessment, is over $800 million. The District must find a way to address the highest facilities priorities - reconstructing two aging middle schools and building a new elementary school. Brownell Middle School and South Valley Middle School are well over 60 years old. Over 2,000 new homes are being constructed in the future in Gilroy and our current elementary schools are at or near capacity.


What will Measure E cost the taxpayers?

Under Measure E, property will be assessed at $60.00 per $100,000 of assessed value. Assessed valuation should not be confused with market value. Assessed valuation is the value placed on property by the County pursuant to Proposition 13 and is typically much lower than the market value of a property. To keep it simple, with the passage of Measure E, the average homeowner will spend between $1 and $2 a day in order for significant facilities improvements to be made in our schools.


What happens if Measure E fails?

If Measure E fails, portable classrooms will be added at many elementary sites to accommodate the new students resulting from housing developments.  Additionally, elementary district boundaries will need to be shifted. The two middle schools (Brownell and South Valley) that are in desperate need of replacement will continue to decay. Also, the need to repair and modernize other school facilities will not go away.  Outdated electrical, heating & air conditioning, roofs and plumbing fixtures will continue to deteriorate. The District may be forced into using its General Fund, the fund used to pay employees’ salaries and for day-to-day operating expenses, to pay for inefficient systems, make band-aid repairs and purchase portables. 


What about using lottery money for these projects?

State Lottery money accounts for approximately 2% of the Gilroy Unified School District’s operating budget. Under State law, lottery money is restricted to the purchasing of classroom materials and cannot be used for construction or repairs of school facilities.


How can I be sure that the funds from Measure E will be properly spent?

By law, a citizens’ oversight committee must be formed to ensure that funds from the Measure are spent properly. This group acts as the “eyes and ears” of the community. The committee must be comprised of a bona fide taxpayers’ group representative, senior citizen, business owner, parent, and teacher, and it will work directly with the Gilroy Unified School District.  Independent audits by a qualified certified public accounting firm must be conducted annually and be available for public inspection.


Where can I learn more about Measure E?

Community members can visit the District website at or by calling the District Office at (408) 848-7112.


Dave Matuszak, Chair

Dave Silva

Jay Menchaca

Melanie Corona

Paul Nadeau

Clint Zollinger

Jane Howard



James Bombaci

Alvaro Meza

Anna O'Connor

Lucy Huerta

Measure E Citizens Oversight Committee Approved Minutes and Supporting Documentation

All meetings are held at 6:00 p.m. at the District Office located at 7810 Arroyo Circle, Gilroy unless otherwise noted.

Upcoming meeting dates for 2017/2018 School Year (Gilroy Room):

  • August 24, 2017 
  • November 30, 2017 
  • February 6, 2018 
  • April 12, 2018