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Helpdesk hours are Monday through friday from 8 AM until 3 PM. During these hours we are answering phone calls at extension 7160. In addition, each site has access to our Helpdesk system by going to http://itsupport or http://gusd-itgp/helpdesk/user/. Whether you contact IT using extension 7160 or by entering your request using the helpdesk system, we will always have a workorder for you and you should receive emails with updates on progress of the work order.

Our email addresses are:

firstname, then a period, then the lastname and then



IT Department Staff

click to emailMaribel Guizar, Technology Director

click to emailAndre Leitenberger Lead Analyst

click to emailJim FletcherDesktop Support

click to emailShawn Oshiro, Desktop Support

click to emailKristi Sanders, Desktop Support

click to emailChet SharboneauDesktop Support



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